One Platform for all Applications

ProSYS™ Plus

ProSYS™Plus is a powerful Grade 3 super hybrid security system designed for the commercial sector, supporting wired, wireless and RISCO Bus installations. The state-of-the-art solution offers a unique array of benefits, including a unique single hardware platform and flexible licensing mechanism with unlimited scalability up to 512 zones. The cost-effective “pay as you grow” solution eliminates the need to purchase additional panels to support expansion.

ProSYS™ Plus includes the cloud-based iRISCO smartphone app to remotely monitor the system, integrated IP cameras for live HD video verification and “look in,” as well as a full range of professional commercial and industrial detectors. ProSYS™ Plus also enables the utilization of the latest communications technologies, including multi-socket IP, 3G.

Digimax Security Cameras

Visual Verification

Users and monitoring stations can verify if alarms are real or false by viewing real-time images of events captured with integrated camera detectors – from a convenient smartphone app or web interface. Compatible for indoor and outdoor environments – both day and night, visual verification provides for increased security, higher monitoring station efficiency, faster response rates, and fewer incidents involving unnecessary dispatches.

One Platform for all Applications

The Smart Choice

Searching for a security solution for a small business, office building, retail outlet, logistic center, utility, bank or remote site?
ProSYS™ Plus is ideal for any size or type of application. The unique licensing mechanism offered by ProSYS™ Plus enables you to utilize a single control panel for
all of your applications with maximum flexibility and scalability