Choosing The Right Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors should be one of the most important element in your home or office. Unfortunately they are also one of the most forgotten items. Lets face it how many day-light-saving’s gone by and you still haven’t checked those batteries!!! We are regularly being reminded to change batteries and test our smoke detectors but we don’t!!!

Choose the right smoke detector with confidence… Don’t risk it… 

Adam Siale

At Digimax Security we recommend the Photo-Optic Smoke Detectors that are connected and powered by your Security System, here’s a few good reasons:

  • Always ON – means you don’t need to worry about low batteries.
  • Always Ready – when one activates, the entire alarm system activates.
  • Always Monitored – get alerts even if you are not at home.
  • Always There – 24/7 status check for any faults conditions.
  • Most Importantly – Peace Of Mind.

How many smoke detectors and where? Your local council will specify how many smoke detectors and exactly where they should be installed in a newly built property, however for existing residential we recommend one in every bedroom, living area and hallways in the house. Where not to install Smoke Detectors? We don’t recommend installing smoke detectors in a kitchen or bathroom, other options like Heat Detectors are available for these areas. We also don’t recommend wall mounting any type of smoke detectors.

Video by: Fire and Emergency NZ