Paradox REM15 4 Button Remote

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Paradox 4 Button Remote

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The Paradox REM15 is a water-resistant, four-button, oneway remote control and is available in stock delivered New Zealand wide.

The REM15 takes a leap forward in terms of design. Its slim, ergonomic form features solid construction and nickel-plated zinc components.

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Compatibility Consoles / Control Panels:
• Magellan All-in-One Wireless Console (MG6130, MG6160, MG-6030, and MG-6060)
• Magellan Series control panels (MG5000, MG5050)

Wireless Expansion Modules:
• Magellan Wireless Expansion Module (RTX3, MG-RCV3)
• Omnia Wireless Expansion Module (OMN-RCV3)
• Wireless Receiver (RX1)

Key features:
Perform up to 5 different actions
Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
– 30m (100ft) with all-in-one consoles and RX1
– 45m (150ft) with MG5050
– 60m (200ft) with RTX3/RPT1


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